Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Aria!

Aria's birthday was last Sunday, but she actually got her gift today.  She wanted an American Girl Doll, so Mike and I decided that would be her present from us.  We thought it would be fun to let the kids experience a train ride into the city to let her actually pick her doll from the American Girl Doll Store.  So, we got up early this morning and caught the Metra train in Naperville. 

(You can tell in this picture that Mike was afraid of Elysia escaping onto the track!  Hence the being held by the hood!)
They enjoyed the train ride and then also their first taxi ride ever once we got into the city.  And they were stunned by how tall the buildings were!

The American Girl Doll Store is very neat with tons to look at.  There is even a doll hospital, a doll hair salon, and a cafe where you can have lunch with your doll!

Aria got to choose the doll she wanted and then she held onto her so tight the rest of our time in the city.  She was so afraid of losing one of her shoes or messing up her hair!  She smoothed the doll's hair over and over on the train ride back home and has had her by her side all night long!

Here is Aria and "Melinda" in their matching nightgowns that Grandpa got Aria for her birthday.  She's been waiting all week to have the doll to put them on!

And, finally, here's Cupcake today.  After we checked out at the store, Miss Big Girl Cupcake just had to carry the bag.  She would absolutely not let me carry it for her.  As you can see, the bag was as big as her, but she is just too big for her britches!  Everyone probably thought I was some crazy lady making my 2 year old carry the huge bag!