Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our Easter Weekend

I wanted to show you pics of the BIG birthday party we held last weekend, but those pics are on the other computer.  So, I decided I'd show you some fun Easter pictures instead and do the birthday ones another day.  We spent Easter weekend down by my parents.  The weekend included a cousin's birthday party, egg hunts, Easter dinner, and lots of peach tree pruning for Mike!

Here's Aria during one of their three Easter egg hunts.  She thought ringing the bell would knock down the egg!

And, here's my sweet girl opening eggs.

Cupcake really enjoyed the egg hunts and was pretty cute to watch!

Here's my handsome little dude after Easter dinner at my aunt and uncle's house.  He could not get enough of the tool bench they had pulled out on their porch!

Mike's peach and apple trees were all in full bloom and looking pretty!  If you remember from another blog post, he had pruned all the apple trees on previous trips down south, but on Easter weekend he still had ALL the hundreds of peaches to do.  So, he spent the entire weekend out at the orchard.  He didn't even stop for meals or egg hunts!  As long as it was still daylight, he was out there!